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Design Principles:

It is critical that design projects effectively communicate to the target audience, load quickly, and are intuitive to navigate. During the design process, some of the basic principles we follow are:

The discovery component of the design process is about meeting the clients and discovering what they do. Here is where we ask a lot of questions :)

Art Direction
Art Direction is colors, fonts, and choosing or creating pictures that speak a thousand words. Art Direction is a key component of our creative services department.

User Interface
There are two main standpoints from which most people determine whether a design project is "good" or "bad." There's a strict usability standpoint, which focuses on functionality, the effective presentation of information, and efficiency. Then there's the purely aesthetic perspective, which is all about presentation, hot animations, and sexy graphics. Some designers get caught up in the aesthetics and graphics and forget about the user, and some usability gurus get lost in their user testing and forget about visual appeal. In order to reach people and retain their interest, it's essential to maximize both.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that design is about communication. If you create a design project that works and presents information well, but looks ugly or doesn't fit with the client's brand, no one will want to use it. Similarly, if you make a beautiful design project that isn't usable and accessible, people may not be able to use it.

Brand Development
Establishing your own look and message defines your organization, and sets you apart from competitors in your industry. If you were a new retail outlet specailizing in home entertainment equipment and appliances, and you like the way the Best Buy or Circuit City store looked, you wouldn't duplicate their brand and swap their name with yours. Right?? You want to create your own identity.

We design customlogos, graphics, print materials and websites that integrate into an organization's existing branding and marketing strategies. Successful brand integration starts with the brand development. If you don't know what your brand is...we can help! We will help you articluate your brand through Market Research, Sales and Business Model Analysis and Brand Definition. Sometimes, after many years, a brand's life will end, at that point a rebranding effort is initiated, and we can help here as well.

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